Social Philanthropy is an event planning based consulting firm that organizes fundraising events for non-profits. S|P prides themselves on excellence, class, and kindness; and fuels all of their efforts via a way of compassion while helping others. It is of utmost importance to us that we create and maintain an organization true to our values, all while having the most fun possible! Our extensive experience, established partnerships, and passion for giving back provides us with the necessary tools to help your cause raise money in a fun and stress-free way.



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Small Events

From happy hours to supper clubs, S|P is able to help charitable causes throw quick and concise fundraisers to receive the extra funding needed to reach goals, without the hassle of planning.

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Medium Events

 Luncheons, activity-based team events, and concerts are great examples of how S|P makes a medium sized event feel unique and organized through meticulous attention to detail.

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Large Events

 From black tie galas and golf tournaments to month-long initiatives, S|P loves to dive deep into planning large-scale events, with the optimum capacity for exponential growth. 


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